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Meet the Team

The Moon Boutique isn’t just a place to electrify and jazz up your look, but also a place to pause and exhale.

In our cozy safe haven located in the heart of Lower Lonsdale, take a moment away from the expectations of our modern world.

Our mission is to create an environment for you to feel safe to share, to celebrate YOU - your life story, unique beauty, and above all else, your authenticity.


Master Stylist & Reiki Practitioner

Sabrina Whitford

Sabrina is the owner/operator of Moon Boutique Salon, as well as a charismatic and excitable hairstylist with 11 years experience.

She's moved from her at-home hair studio to this revamped location to share her unique gifts in styling, counsel, and ceremony leadership.

  • Fantastic listener

  • Loves to get deep

  • Moon obsessed

  • Sagittarius


Senior Stylist

Ali Smith

Ali's passion for hair began at an early age when she entered her professional journey as an apprentice at age 16, she has never looked back.  She's all about helping her clients feel and look their best with everything from a lived in look to a rainbow fairy makeover! If you're looking for something funky and colourful, Ali is your girl. @alismithhair

  • Positive

  • Organized

  • True crime podcast lover

  • Tattoo enthusiast 

  • Aquarius


Senior Stylist


Selena's hairstyling journey began in 2021 where she discovered that doing hair can be so much more than just a service, but a ceremony and a transformative experience.  With a focus on connection, she takes time to intimately know her clients and dive into their personalities and tastes. Beyond the scissors Selena is dedicated to fostering real long-lasting relationships with her clients. She is a curly hair specialist with a love for foiling, un-styled cuts, and lived in dimensional brunettes.

Let the magic unfold as she transforms your hair into a work of art, celebrating the beauty that lies within every strand. @selena_snips

  • Curly hair specialist

  • Authentic

  • Capricorn


Intermediate Stylist


Taia’s creative journey in the visual arts began at a very young age. Her passion for colours, shapes and painting naturally drew her to the hair industry in 2020, where she fell in love with dimensional lived-in colours and beachy textures. During her off time she likes to paint and cuddle with her cat Winston.

        • Podcast listener
        • Animal lover
        • Crystal enthusiast
        • Cancer


Senior Stylist

Codi Jim

Codi has been in the industry for over 4 years and has found her passion in foiling! She loves bright blondes and dimensional balayage.  She loves creating soft long layered undone looks, but also enjoys a sleek presice bob.  Codi will always ensure you feel your best when you leave. @codixhair

  • Calm

  • Spin class lover

  • Dog mom

  • Capricorn


Intermediate Stylist

Sara Norman

Sara loves dramatic and adventurous hair changes, including colour corrections and vivids. As a mental health advocate Sara is very passionate about connecting with her clients on a deeper level, and maintaining relationships in and out of her chair. She would consider herself an opportunist with an open mind and a gentle spirit.

  • Spiritual

  • Humanitarian

  • Art Student

  • Gemini



Chelsea Brown

Chelsea is an artist and graphic designer with a passion for witchcraft and tarot. You'll see her doing readings in our Jungle room and providing atmosphere anywhere she can. She's very funny and very woke. 10/10.

  • Creative

  • Artistic

  • Great taste in music

  • Spiritual 

  • Energetic

  • Gemini

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