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New Moon in Aquarius

Hello to all you beautiful souls! I wanted to share with you our Moon Ceremony Ritual that took place for the New Moon In Aquarius. Read and understand these practices so you can enjoy the journey from your own home.


The moon disappears from our view during this time in the lunar cycle and signifies new beginnings or rebirth. We use this time to set intentions as we are not overwhelmed with the weight of “reality” that the full moon illuminates. I like to say we are “lost in the illusion” because sometimes we must forget our downfalls to believe we can re-invent ourselves. This calls for focusing on the positives, conceiving far-fetched ideas, and doing something society tells us every day not to: DREAM BIG.

Aquarius energy is the best kind of energy to cultivate because it is all about being a link in the chain. We are all here to be of service to a greater purpose, and a good place to start is finding a way to be of service to others. (Boundaries permitting of course) Your immediate community is your greatest influence in your inspiration, motivation, and self-esteem. Finding ways to give back to those people or establishments is a symbiotic practice that feeds everyone!

During this new moon please SING! WRITE! YELL! Use your voice and speak your truth. Speak up for someone else. Defend someone who has lost their voice. Now more than ever we find ourselves in a highly edited and restricted world. I will not sugar coat this. It is hard to be authentic. But with the grace of this lovely lunar lady, we are given an opportunity to tell the universe what we want!



You’ll need

  • 2 transparent glass cups/jars

  • Masking tape (tape you can write on)

  • A sharpie or pen

  • A journal

First things first, take 5 minutes to dream big on paper. Write down what you want out of life, and be super broad or super specific, the universe hears it all and judges no one. For example, “I want to live in a floating terrarium packed full of golden retriever puppies bobbing around in space, with an endless supply of fresh juice at my disposal.”

If that’s what you want, write it down. There is nothing too big or too small to ask for. Set a timer for 5 minutes and free write.


Once your timer is up, take your glass and write a label for it that says “My life as it is right now”

Take the other cup and fill it with water (or wine) and label it with something you wish was more prominent in your life right now. For example, it could read “confidence” “self-assuredness” “fulfilling friendships” “Safety” “More attention from xyz” whatever it is you want more of, write it down on your label and slap it on the cup.

Get creative with this.

Now take your full cup and imagine the liquid inside of it being concentrated with that thing you want.

Repeat after me-“ I am Healthy, I am Wealthy, I am Wise.

I am Abundant, I am Worthy, I am Alive.”

Now pour your full cup into your empty cup. As you do this really imagine the universe providing you with an opportunity. Moon worship, and any spiritual practice really, is like voodoo, it only works if you give it the power to work. So in this moment REALLY believe that its coming to you.

The big cosmic joke in all of this is that the universe loves you SO much, it gifts you exactly what you want. The things you say out loud about yourself everyday become your reality. So today say something sexy and playful. Say something nice. Say something validating.

Take these words with you this week and hold them at the forefront of your mind.

Self Expression




From Sabrina, With Love.

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